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CorreLog, Inc. invites you to download our Windows Agent and Windows Tool Set (WTS). This package adds syslog capability to XP, Vista, 7, 8, 20xx systems, including documentation, and various utilities. CorreLog freely distributes this program to advance the state-of-art for systems management.

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About Our Freely-Distributed CorreLog Windows Agent

Note: If you have downloaded and installed the CorreLog Server program, you do not have to download this Windows Agent Package. The complete CorreLog Windows Agent package is included with the main CorreLog Server program, and can be downloaded from the "Home" screen of your main server installation.


The CorreLog Windows Agent and Tool Set Package is provided in self-extracting WinZip format, and contains all elements needed to fully install this package on multiple target Windows platforms. The program does not require a license file, and executes without time limit. The download package is under 10 Bytes in size, and includes standard Windows installation and uninstall programs.


The agent is designed for easy installation and non-intrusive operation. The program includes a Windows service, installation tool, support tool, command line utilities, and a 100+ pages user manual that fully describes operation and application notes. Installation typically takes only a few minutes, and does not require the Windows system to be rebooted. To install, simply download and execute the distribution package on the target platform. After extracting files, the CorreLog setup program will guide you through the rest of the installation process.


If you have the CorreLog Server installed and configured as the destination for syslog messages, access the CorreLog Server via your web browser, and verify that the device has been added. For other syslog receivers, verify that the agent startup message is correctly logged at your configured syslog destination address.


Further information on how to configure and use the Windows Agent, along with help on Windows syslog utilities, can be found in the "wintools" directory of the CorreLog root directory after installation. Utilities can also be accessed via your Windows Start Menu. Note that the Windows Start Menu is updated only for the person who installed the program.


Having problems automatically downloading? We are pleased to manually connect you with our evaluation software, on request. Contact us if you have problems, questions, or wish to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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