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Below is a list of selected CorreLog brochures and data sheets, in Adobe PDF format. These documents contained detailed information on CorreLog specifications, solutions and services, ready for printing or sharing with your colleagues. We include current marketing collateral to help you make your case for our powerful and unique solutions. Click a link below to download a document.


Data Sheets

CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server and Compliance Management Solution
CorreLog Compliance Management Suite, comprising CorreLog Change Tracker and CorreLog Security Correlation Server, provides a comprehensive, powerful solution for validating compliance with any corporate governance or security standard.
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Click here to watch a presentation on out how you can move your SIEM maturity multiple levels on Day 1 (from SC Congress eSymposium, August 2014).
CorreLog SIEM Agent for IBM z/OS
CorreLog provides its unique SIEM Agent for IBM z/OS, which allows you to tap into the SMF and RACF security information of your mainframe LPARs. This agent has certified integrations with HP ArcSight and IBM QRadar plus field integrations with McAfee ESM, Splunk and other SIEM systems. CorreLog SIEM Agent gives you the ability to bring your SIEM initiative full circle by making mainframe security a standard part of your enterprise security operations.
More information on CorreLog mainframe capabilities.

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CorreLog Visualizer™ for z/OS
The CorreLog Visualizer is an affordable Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) system especially designed and pre-configured for use by z/OS security administrators and system programmers.
More info on CorreLog Visualizer™ for z/OS.
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CorreLog Change Tracker Enterprise
Correlog Change Tracker Enterprise is an enterprise change and performance monitoring system designed to support any compliance initiative and assure service delivery across your entire network, server and PC infrastructure.
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CorreLog For PCI DSS Compliance
A discussion of CorreLog's solution for PCI DSS Compliance, including background facts, companies and industries impacted, and "use case" examples of CorreLog for PCI DSS.
More info on CorreLog PCI DSS support.
CorreLog comprehensive guide to PCI DSS compliance
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CorreLog SyslogNormalizer™
CorreLog SyslogNormalizer is a flexible syslog data parser that loads user-specified messages into a relational database (RDBMS). By leveraging SyslogNormalizer, business analysts now have a mechanism for getting unstructured, but valuable syslog data into a relational database for formatting into usable business intelligence with Crystal Reports or other package.
More information on CorreLog SyslogNormalizer
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CorreLog SyslogDefender™
Improve security of the transfer of event messages across all enterprise systems with CorreLog SyslogDefender™. SyslogDefender uses encryption and authentication to “wrap” your event messages so the data gets transferred reliably and with traceability.
More information on CorreLog SyslogDefender
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CorreLog Agent for SAP
The CorreLog Agent for SAP monitors system access to determine user activity related to system and profile changes, including logon and logoff events. This allows the system administrator to keep track of who is accessing the system by the activity they log while in the system.
More information on the CorreLog Agent for SAP.
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CorreLog For NERC Compliance
A discussion of CorreLog's solution for NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) regulatory standards, including a description of NERC, a definition of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards, and how CorreLog operates within that compliance framework.
More info on CorreLog compliance capabilities.
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CorreLog For FISMA Compliance
A discussion of CorreLog's solution for FISMA Compliance, including background facts, a discussion of penalties and fines for non-compliance, and examples of how CorreLog assists you with meeting the specific objectives of FISMA regulations.
More info on CorreLog compliance capabilities.
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CorreLog For HIPAA Compliance
A discussion of CorreLog's solution for HIPAA Compliance, including background facts, companies and industries impacted, penalties and fines for non-compliance, and "use cases" showing CorreLog's roles in meeting the objectives of HIPAA regulations.
More info on CorreLog compliance capabilities.
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CorreLog For GLBA Compliance
A discussion of CorreLog's solution for GLBA compliance, including a description of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, what is required of IT departments, and how CorreLog satisfies these requirements. This regulation applies to USA financial institutions of all types.
More info on CorreLog compliance capabilities.
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CorreLog For King III Compliance
A discussion of CorreLog's solution for King III compliance, including a discussion of the King III Committee Report, and methods of demonstrating compliance. This applies to all South African companies and entities.
More info on CorreLog compliance capabilities.
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White Papers and Case Studies
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Satisfying PCI DSS requirements for File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) on IBM z/OS
The latest installment of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) calls for FIM or change-detection software on logs to ensure existing log data cannot be modified, and if it's tampered with, alerts should be generated. But how do you do this on a mainframe, where FIM is not generally a consideration? This whitepaper will provide some guidelines on what to address on your mainframe to bring you closer to complying to the standard.
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8 Guidelines for Monitoring Mainframe Security Controls per PCI DSS Requirements
According to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, requirement #5, you are required to “Protect all systems against malware and regularly update anti-virus software or programs.” But how do you facilitate this requirement on a mainframe? This whitepaper details 8 guidelines that can act as compensating controls for vulnerability on a mainframe.
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11 Steps to Minimize IBM z/OS Vulnerability

IBM z/OS mainframes are arguably the most critical component of your data center given the quantity and quality of information on them -- i.e. credit card data, customer data, intellectual property, legacy data dating years back. Because of the value of information on z/OS it is clearly a target. This paper gives insight on z/OS's exposure to insider and perimeter threats and outlines 11 steps to help minimize the vulnerability.
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Real-time Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) on IBM z/OS with CorreLog Agent
This paper describes how the CorreLog Agent for z/OS (CZAGENT), in conjunction with the CorreLog Correlation Server or other SIEM console, may be used to integrate real-time DAM into a corporate SIEM solution, with minimum impact on DB2 performance.
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Event Data versus Log Data, and the Difference between IT Security and Breach
Having a SIEM system and collecting log data is a great start to securing your organization's network security. However, if you cannot correlate the log data into scenarios (events) that depict potential threats, SIEM is going to be a disappointment for you. This paper details the importance of an "event" as it relates to SIEM.
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Mainframe SIEM Log Management in a Distributed IT Security World
This document describes a three-pronged approach to get closer to best-practice SIEM, and 10 "to-dos" to incorporate into your enterprise IT security management strategy to ensure you get there.
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10 Step FIM Approach for Service Reliability, Data Security and Compliance
This document describes how you shore up your files systems, your file integrity, to better combat intrusion. We provide 10 steps to ensure greater file integrity monitoring, or FIM, and a more secure enterprise.
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CorreLog Securing the Virtual Infrastructure
A discussion of CorreLog's solution for securing the virtual infrastructure, including a discussion of the cloud, and methods of demonstrating compliance. This applies to all companies and enterprises.
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Rounding Out Your SIEM Strategy with SNMP
This document describes how you can leverage SNMP data for threat detection indicating potential threats to your IT Security. With the abundance of SNMP data being collected across your enterprise, you have a additional data to leverage in your SIEM system. Find out how in this download.
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Correlation White Paper
This document first reviews a time-tested approach for log file reception and aggregation. Next, it will study how CorreLog identifies patterns across seemingly unrelated log data that correlates to potential security threats. And finally, it will review a proactive approach to managing threats that are automatically generated from the CorreLog server.
Learn more about the CorreLog Enterprise Server and correlation capabilities
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McAfee ePO Integration White Paper
This white paper provides a detailed discussion of objectives and methodologies for integrating CorreLog software with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software. This document describes the features and capabilities of the implementation, intended as a top-level description of how to add CorreLog's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) functions with the ePO software system, to create a single unified system.
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MTS Allstream Retail Case Study on CorreLog Mainframe Agent for z/OS
This document describes how MTS Allstream was able to implement SIEM on the z/OS platform providing the client with the needed mainframe log retrieval capability while maintaining PCI compliance.
Learn More...

BMC Performance Manager Integration White Paper
This white paper describes how the CorreLog Security Correlation Server easily integrates with BMC Performance Manager, and other BMC software, to add Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) functions to the BMC solution suite.
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Microsoft Exchange 2003 Mailbox Auditing Case Study
The CorreLog Server contains specific features and functions to support auditing of Microsoft Exchange, with special emphasis on tracking access to mailboxes by administrative users.
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ASG-Sentry White Paper
This paper describes methods of easily integrating the ASG-Sentry Network Management System with the CorreLog Security Correlation Server, including techniques, features, and benefits.
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Technical Documents
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Quick Installation Guide
Brief guide to installing the CorreLog Server and CorreLog WTS software.
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CorreLog Installation Requirements Data sheet
Recommended requirements and specifications for installing the CorreLog system at your site, including detailed recommended platform hardware, software, security changes, and configurations.
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User Reference Manual
This document is a comprehensive manual on the CorreLog Security Server and Log Correlation Server. The manual includes installation procedures, screen descriptions, application notes, and various appendices. This manual will be of interest to operators, as well as network managers and administrators responsible for installing and maintaining the CorreLog system. (250+ pages, PDF Format. Copyright © 2009, CorreLog, Inc.)
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Advanced Correlation System User Guide
Online copy of the Advanced Correlation Guide, 70+ Pages in Adobe PDF Format. (This manual is also incorporated into the CorreLog download, above.) Provides supplementary information on configuring correlation features of the CorreLog system.
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Windows Tool Set User Manual
Reference manual for the CorreLog Windows Tool Set (WTS), and Windows Agent, which can be installed on Vista, XP, and Windows 200X series platforms, to send Windows event messages to the CorreLog Server.
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UNIX Tool Set User Manual
Reference manual for the CorreLog UNIX Tool Set (UTS), and optional UNIX Agent. The package is first installed on a Windows platform, and then transferred to Linux, Solaris, AIX, and other systems, to add extra Syslog capability to UNIX platforms, including file integrity monitoring.
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CorreLog Sigma Framework Developers Manual
Online copy of the CorreLog Sigma Framework Manual, for developers, 80+ Pages in Adobe PDF Format. (This manual is also incorporated into the download, above.) Describes how to extend the CorreLog Server system.
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CorreLog for use in PCI-DSS compliance
The current version of the PCI DSS standard consists of twelve different sections, dealing with securing a network against unauthorized access. This includes physical security, information security, and security policies. CorreLog Server furnishes ready-to-run components that directly support sections 10 and 11 of the PCI DSS Compliance standard.
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SOX compliance checklist
A brief explanation of how CorreLog satisfies SOX section 302 and 404 requirements by creating a system to track user access, security information and controls, file integrity, change management, and other security indicators. With a verifiable audit trail, staff can then document every step to auditors or assessors and provide them with detailed reports that demonstrate changes made to information systems can be detected, corrections verified, and anomalies explained. The path from data to information to knowledge is quick and responsive.
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Installation and User Manual for use with McAfee ePO
An installation and user manual for installing and integrating the CorreLog software with McAfee ePO.
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FAQ about CorreLog in the Large Enterprise
Frequently Asked Questions about using CorreLog in Large Enterprise situations.
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Looking for additional information? We are pleased to provide complete documentation for any our various solutions, on request. CorreLog provides extensive documentation on all of our products and services, including full documentation accompanying our downloadable software packages.
Contact us with your specific requirements to request additional materials.
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