CorreLog, Inc. Announces New Mainframe Security Products Launch at SHARE San Jose 2017 – Deeper Real-Time z/OS Event Log Management Capabilities for Distributed SIEM Systems

CorreLog’s new release of its industry-leading mainframe security product line comes with new product names: zDefender™ for z/OS (formerly SIEM Agent for IBM® z/OS); dbDefender™ for z/OS (formerly dbDefender DAM Agent for IBM® Db2); and zDefender™ Visualizer (formerly Visualizer for IBM® z/OS); all delivering powerful, real-time security events to clients’ distributed SIEM, SOC or standard web browser.

Naples, FL, February 28, 2017 – CorreLog, the leader in mainframe and multi-platform IT security event log management, today announced a new product line for its IBM® z/OS mainframe security offering, and will be featuring the new releases at SHARE San Jose 2017. The new products – zDefender™ for z/OS, dbDefender™ for z/OS, and zDefender™ Visualizer – will all be versioned 5.7x and will feature enhancements to the existing mainframe security product line that was first launched in early 2011.

“Though these products have new names, they are the same reliable mainframe security solutions we’ve been selling since 2011,” said George Faucher, CorreLog founder and CEO. “Today we are collecting more mainframe access security events in real time than ever before; we have added more up-to-the-second notifications for Db2 access; and we can provide a dashboard view for these event messages in a standard web browser. It’s a comprehensive view of real-time mainframe security activity that you can view in your SIEM, or SOC or web browser, in the event you aren’t licensed for your SIEM or SOC.”

SHARE San Jose will take place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, March 5-10, 2017. In addition to exhibiting, CorreLog will facilitate two educational tracks in the Enterprise Data Center: Security and Compliance program.

“SHARE San Jose will be an excellent forum for showing mainframe users and decision makers the latest we have to offer for up-to-the-second security notifications and auditing,” Faucher added. “If you have the compliance considerations of PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, NERC/FERC, GLBA, ISO 27000, or the new EU directive (EU Directive 95/46/EC), or any other standard, you need to demo this product, because your mainframe will come into play with these standards.”

CorreLog, a SHARE San Jose 2017 sponsor, will be exhibiting in booth #218 and will be providing quick-view demonstrations for the new product line throughout exhibit hours during the conference.

Learn more about CorreLog’s New Releases at SHARE San Jose, March 5-10

Additionally, attendees at SHARE San Jose will have several opportunities to attend CorreLog educational tracks from Director of Advanced Projects, Charles Mills, during the conference.

CorreLog Educational Sessions at SHARE San Jose:

  • “Cybercrime Fighting for Mainframe Superheroes – A Holistic Approach:” Charles Mills, Dir. Advanced Projects featured speaker. Monday, March 6, 3:15pm. Session #20373 | Speaker bio.
  • “What the Heck is a SIEM and What Do I Feed It?” Charles Mills co-presenting with Brian Marshall, Vanguard Integrity Professionals; Carla Flores, CA Technologies; and Julie A. Bergh, IBM Corporation. Tuesday, March 7, 11:15am. Session #20677.

CorreLog’s zDefender™ for z/OS is the leading mainframe event log management security product on the market for large enterprise environments in Government and public/private sectors. In real-time, zDefender™ delivers security event messages from z/OS to distributed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) systems and IT Security Operations Centers (SOC), so that enterprise security admins can monitor privileged user activity from mainframe and distributed systems in the same dashboards. SIEM Agent auto-formats event messages from RACF, CA-ACF2, CA-Top Secret, Db2, IMS, CICS, IND$FILE, TSO Logons, FTP, TCP/IP, and other facilities and in real time, then forwards the messages to a SIEM or IT SOC.

CorreLog’s dbDefender™ provides Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) for both Db2 and IMS datasets with an agent-based software program that can be sold as a bundle with the CorreLog zDefender™ for z/OS product or as standalone solution. dbDefender™ for z/OS monitors database activity for any sign of unauthorized access or even attempt to view datasets, then logs the event messages for auditing and compliance and sends a real-time notification of the activity to a distributed SIEM or SOC.

The zDefender™ Visualizer product from CorreLog provides up-to-the second views and event notifications of z/OS accesses – including access to Db2 and IMS datasets – to any standard web browser. zDefender™ Visualizer is ideal for providing any user (on mainframe or distributed system) visibility and notifications of mainframe access activity (including activity on privileged users), without having to be a mainframe systems programmer. This dashboard product is standard point-and-click with drag-and-drop capability for dashboard widgets in a standard web browser.

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About CorreLog:

CorreLog, Inc., a privately held corporation, is an independent software vendor (ISV) that has produced software and framework components used successfully by hundreds of private and government organizations worldwide. Our core solutions provide visibility across both mainframe and distributed systems on user activity that is indicative of cyber threat. Since 2008, CorreLog, Inc. has been committed to delivering better decision-support solutions for InfoSec and security auditing professionals who need more advanced perimeter security and improved adherence to PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, IRS Pub. 1075, FISMA, NERC and other industry standards for securing data. Our solutions are designed to be highly interoperable and complementary to clients’ existing IT investments.

CorreLog zDefender™ holds certified integrations with IBM, Intel (McAfee) Security, Micro Focus, (EMC) RSA Security Analytics, and field integrations with all other brand-name SIEMs. We consider our technology approach to be unique in both personnel and product and we believe our solutions pass the test of low total cost of ownership with high SIEM functionality. For more information on CorreLog products, please visit

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