CorreLog Announces SHARE Providence 2017 Sponsorship, with Speaking Sessions and New Releases of Mainframe Security Products zDefender® and dbDefender™, August 6-11

CorreLog is proud to once again sponsor SHARE this year at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with CorreLog at booth #311 for new product demonstrations, and to attend Charles Mills’ mainframe security speaking session Wednesday, August 9

Naples, FL, July 26, 2017CorreLog, Inc., the leader in multi-platform IT security event log management, today announced a sponsorship and two speaking sessions at SHARE Providence 2017. SHARE is an independent, volunteer-run technology association based in Chicago, and holds two annual conferences in the U.S. to discuss and improve upon technical matters affecting the global family of IBM mainframe users. While offering a connection point for industry professionals, SHARE’s events also provide education to advance technology’s impact on the business world.

The conference will take place August 6-11 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Attendees can find CorreLog in booth #311 hosting live demonstrations of its new releases of zDefender® for z/OS, ver. 5.7.3, and dbDefender™ for IMS, ver. 2.7.3, throughout expo hall hours. The zDefender® new release comes out-of-box with SMF event enhancements for privilege escalation detection on z/OS, offering large organizations broader real-time visibility for mainframe user activity. The new release of dbDefender™ for IMS ships with enhanced real-time monitoring for privileged user logons and logoffs, as well as tracking for users viewing and accessing IMS datasets.

“SHARE works tirelessly to reinforce the importance of mainframe with robust education and professional networking at their conferences, and we’re proud to sponsor both events again this year,” said George Faucher, president and CEO of CorreLog. “If you swiped your credit card today, your transaction most likely touched a mainframe, so mainframes and your data are closer to the Internet than one might think. As a result, real-time security visibility on z/OS has never been more essential for protecting corporate IP and sensitive customer information.”

CorreLog to Facilitate Two Speaking Sessions at SHARE Providence 2017
Charles Mills, CorreLog’s Director of Advanced Projects, will host a breakout speaking session at SHARE Providence 2017 titled “Cybercrime Fighting for Mainframe Superheroes – A Holistic Approach.” The presentation will help educate attendees on how to leverage the tools their organization already has in place to extend real-time security visibility to their mainframes.

  • What: “Cybercrime Fighting for Mainframe Superheroes – A Holistic Approach”
  • Abstract: Session Link
  • Where: Room 552A/B | Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence
  • When: Wednesday, August 9, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m., local time
  • Who: Charles Mills | CorreLog Director of Advanced Projects | Speaker Bio
  • Session #: 21220
  • Tracks: Enterprise Data Center; Security and Compliance

CorreLog will also host a vendor-sponsored presentation on Monday, August 7, from 5:30 – 5:40 p.m. in the Tech Talk Corner of the SHARE booth, #130. Interested attendees will have the opportunity to continue speaking with CorreLog following the 10-minute presentation at CorreLog booth #311.

Definitive Enhancements for zDefender® for z/OS, Ver. 5.7.3: Privilege Escalation Detection
Among the more consequential forms of cyber-attack, a successful privilege escalation attempt can bypass the limitations of assigned user permissions and open entire systems – including financial and personal identity files – to cyber-criminals. zDefender® for z/OS v. 5.7.3 implements a mechanism for detecting a certain privilege escalation technique on the mainframe in which an attacker maliciously changes the in-memory privilege bits of his/her executing process, thereby granting himself/herself additional z/OS privileges.

z/OS does not natively produce an audit trail for this action, but CorreLog’s zDefender® for z/OS can audit escalated privileges when initiated by a user and in real time, send the event message to any name-brand SIEM or IT SOC (Security Operations Center) for high-priority alerts and quick remediation. Alerts can also be sent to zDefender® Visualizer, CorreLog’s lightweight browser-based mainframe SIEM system. zDefender® for z/OS holds certified integration for IBM QRadar®, Micro Focus ArcSight, RSA Security Analytics, and McAfee ESM, along with field integrations with all major SIEMs including Splunk Enterprise.

Click here to download the zDefender® for z/OS datasheet.

dbDefender™ for IMS, Ver. 2.7.3 New Release
dbDefender™ for IMS ver. 2.7.3 extends data access monitoring to IMS datasets, with enhanced tracking for user logon/logoff records. The solution forwards IMS security event data to any name-brand SIEM, IT SOC, or zDefender® Visualizer in real-time, enabling up-to-the-second security visibility and alerts in preferred formats such as SMS text or email. Visit for more information on dbDefender™ for IMS.

SHARE is an independent volunteer-run information technology association that provides education, professional networking, and industry influence. SHARE is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and more information about SHARE can be found at

About CorreLog:
CorreLog, Inc., a privately held corporation, is an independent software vendor (ISV) that has produced software and framework components used successfully by hundreds of private and government organizations worldwide. Our core solutions provide visibility across both mainframe and distributed systems on user activity that is indicative of cyber threat. Since 2008, CorreLog, Inc. has been committed to delivering better decision-support solutions for InfoSec and security auditing professionals who need more advanced perimeter security and improved adherence to PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, IRS Pub. 1075, FISMA, NERC and other industry standards for securing data. Our solutions are designed to be highly interoperable and complementary to clients’ existing IT investments.

CorreLog zDefender® holds certified integrations with IBM, McAfee, Micro Focus, (EMC) RSA Security Analytics, and field integrations with all other brand-name SIEMs. We consider our technology approach to be unique in both personnel and product and we believe our solutions pass the test of low total cost of ownership with high SIEM functionality.  For more information on CorreLog products, please visit


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