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Download the latest version of the CorreLog Agent Windows program by completing the form below. This program instruments Windows XP, Vista, 7,and 20XX series platforms with syslog capability. The package isfreely distributed by CorreLog to advance the state-of-art for Syslog, SIEM and system management.

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CorreLog Windows Agent Package

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The CorreLog Windows Agent works with Vista, XP, 7, 8, or Microsoft Windows20XX, series operating systems. No Java, nor any other supporting software, is required. A typical installation session,from start of download to finish, will usually take less than fiveminutes to complete. You are not required to reboot your system afterinstallation.

Note: If you have downloaded and installed the CorreLog Server program,you do not have to download this Windows Agent Package. The completeCorreLog Windows Agent package is included with the main CorreLog Serverprogram, and can be downloaded from the "Home" screen of your mainserver installation.

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