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CorreLog is managed by a team of seasoned IT professionals. Collectively, we represent hundreds of years worth of experience in satisfying customer demands, and meeting the multi-level challenges of deploying successful solutions to industry. Meet our management here.


George Faucher, President & Chief Executive Officer George Faucher has served as president of CorreLog since its inception. Prior to that, Faucher was president and CEO of SNMP Frameworks Inc., which designed and marketed an enterprise network management solution called Sentry. Allen Systems Group Software (ASG) purchased Sentry in 2001. Faucher served as senior vice president for ASG until 2007, and has been a successful entrepreneur in the IT software business for over 30 years.

Phil Hargrove, Chief Financial Officer Phil Hargrove has served as CorreLog's CFO and operations manager since its formation. Prior to CorreLog, Hargrove was product manager for ASG Software's Infrastructure Management suite of solutions. Before that, Hargrove served as director of support for DDRI.

Jeff Davison, Chief Software Architect Jeff Davison has served as the Chief Software Architect of CorreLog since its inception. With 30 years of experience in hardware and software development, Davison has successfully designed and implemented many types of distributed systems for industry and government. Jeff has a B.S. degree in engineering from California State University, and is a certified Professional Engineer (PE).

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