CorreLog Distributed Solutions Architecture for SIEM


The CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server provides a standards-based method of collecting all the system log messages of your network using industry standard syslog protocol and SNMP traps. These messages are then correlated into understandable threats, alerts, and actions using sophisticated, easily configured rules, which are then reduced to actionable “tickets” that are sent to administrators as a trigger for remediation of incidents.


CorreLog SIEM system runs as a Windows service, with a standard web browser UI, and consumes minimal system resources. The entire CorreLog SIEM package can be downloaded in about 30 seconds on a modest 10 Mbps Internet connection. With its ability to collect and reformat disparate log data to industry-standard syslog
protocol for SIEM, CorreLog provides system-wide interoperability unmatched by rival, competing SIEM vendors.



Distributed Products

CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server

CorreLog Agent for Windows/UNIX/Linux
CorreLog Agent for SAP
CorreLog SyslogNormalizer™
CorreLog SyslogDefender™
CorreLog Change Tracker
CorreLog for Splunk Integration

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CorreLog For Enterprise Search
CorreLog Adapters and Plug-Ins
CorreLog TLS / AES-256 Encryption
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